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What is a Full Contingency Removal?

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It's about the best day for any seller!

That is when a buyer under contract to purchase a home you are selling has fully committed to buying the property. They have gone through underwriting for their loan (if not paying cash); they have had the property appraised at the contract price, they have inspected the property and read all reports; received, read and signed all seller disclosures, and have secured property insurance.

The full contingency removal also removes a buyer's ability to claim their deposit back if for some reason they don't go forward with the purchase. Signing off on contingencies is a big deal for a California buyer and it's a big day for the buyer to celebrate!

And it's a joyful day for the seller too, since this means you better be packing and moving forward, because this sale is happening.

Today we are celebrating as listing agents, since $3,440,000 in our real estate listings ALL received full contingency removals TODAY! That's rare. Everyone is happy.

In a probate sale, this would be a great time for a personal representative to file with the court and heirs a Notice of Proposed Action to alert everyone to what is coming: a closed sale. This form is the DE-165.

When the sale is complete, the Personal Representative will need to file a DE-260, which is the Report of Sale and Petition for Order Confirming Sale of Real Property form. That's for when the sale is done and closed.

We can get these forms for you if you need them. Just ask!

If we can help you list a probate property for sale of any kind in California, please let us know. We are certified for the state of California as probate listing experts and trust sale experts.

There is a ton to know and do, so if you're overwhelmed, reach out for a chat!

We are San Diego probate listing experts and can work anywhere in the state. We don't just list probate properties, of course. Real estate is our life. Let us help you. We are some of the best Realtors in San Diego with over $250 million sold.


Kimberly Dotseth, Broker and Owner, Blend Luxury Real Estate

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