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Need a Great Listing Broker? 

You Found TWO! We Work Separately or You Can Have Us Both!

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Blend Luxury is a small boutique firm with hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate sold. It's a bit of a surprise that two people can get so much done for our sellers, but that's how we work: continual whiteboard meetings, calls, email and technology services get us ready to approach your beautiful home sale as our next big project. Success is getting you what you need and want! Our digital listing presentation can tell you more. 

To receive a digital listing presentation within one day, text your name and selling address to (619) 261-1909.

Thank you!

Hail, Kimberly...

You are truly special! One like you only comes along once in a great while. You're kinda like finding one pearl out of a millions oysters. I just hope all of your clients and friends appreciate you as much as I do.  

-Robert, a repeat client.

Call Kimberly now: (619) 261-1909

Thank You!

Hello, Kerry...

One more time, thank you for everything you did to make our sale and purchase happen. We are so happy! Additionally, we are so grateful for your generous gift cards and your LLS donation. You really did deliver a total successful real estate package. You know you have customers for life in us!


-Carol, a repeat client.

Call Kerry now: (858) 869-3351

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