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Are you a recently appointed personal representative, executor or successor trustee and you’re managing an estate that requires the sale of real estate?  

You’ve come to the right place! We are certified probate real estate specialists in the State of California, highly trained and experienced to help you and your attorney (if you have one) navigate the terms, language, steps and timeline that is ahead of you. If you don’t have a probate attorney and would like to talk to one for a complimentary consultation, we can recommend several.

It is invaluable for you to have a real estate broker who knows probate, who is local, and who you can call on and trust with your questions, concerns and more.  Someone who has reputable contacts and service providers when it comes to servicing probate properties.  Someone who knows what to do and when to do it.  We know those things.  It’s what we do.  And we want to help you.

First, is the house empty of personal property? Has the court given you permission to distribute items listed in the will, if there is a will? Are you working through the steps to have some control over bank funds?

We can talk to you about how these things work and discuss other critical but simple things like utilities – keeping them on and making sure they’re paid! The insurance carrier for the home – a very big step on how and when to contact them to let them know the homeowner has passed away.

Is the yard or exterior being maintained? Often, our probate listings are sold in as-is condition, but that does not stop you or the estate from doing a few repairs if we recommend them and if a repair is to your financial benefit to complete.

We’d be happy to visit the property, perform a quick visual inspection, and give you a professional opinion on the condition.  Of course this service would be free of charge or obligation. We can suggest local vendors for any tasks. Or do no tasks.

Like all our listings, we will be happy to stage a vacant probate listing with one bedroom, one living room, a kitchen and two baths. We will pay for all of it.

It can make a difference to keep the energy up in the property and to make it fresh and ready for sale.

You will also really need our free Probate Timeline. Can we email it to you? Click HERE to complete your first name and email address and we will send it to you today. There’s a lot more to say from the legal perspective as you begin the steps of selling a probate property. Let’s cover those things in a call or meeting.

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