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What I Like Most About My Job

For me, there are two things I like almost equally about my job, and both happen on the phone. When a deal is finally accepted, the agent who represents the party making the final decision will call the other agent with the good news: "We have a deal." That is a magical call and only then do I do the singular thing that each new deal brings. Turning on my trusty Canon adding machine, I do the math on what will be my expected commission for that transaction. Then I tear it off and write on the adding machine tape the expected day of closing and the address. Then it sits on my desk in a little area where hopefully they pile up. I never count any commission until the day it arrives, but I like the scraps of paper on my desk. The second item that is very enjoyable for me is the call from escrow confirming that a deal is closed. How does this work? In California, sellers sign and notarize a single piece of paper called the Grant Deed. This document, once filed at the county recorder's office, is the only thing that changes the property from the seller's ownership to the buyer's ownership. Once this is recorded, typically the title company calls escrow, who then calls me. "Congratulations, we are recorded." Words to my ears! My client's deal is done and that slip of paper on my desk turns into a paycheck.

My two favorite things.

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