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But I want to be in love!

It's a common dream: you as the buyer want to be in love with your new house at the time of the offer. There will be grass and a picket fence and a convenient laundry room and a large garage with storage. The school district will match your wish list and you can get to work in less than 20 minutes. Oh, and you'll finally have that extra room for the home office you need, because you dream of starting your own business. Being in love with a home at the time you make an offer is actually far from realistic. It's very possible to really like a house and possibly love it, but the perfect house does not typically exist unless you build it - and who does that? Being in love is a challenge that may cause you to miss a golden opportunity to buy a house that works for you. It should be a comfort to know that compromise may be in order, and that buying a house may actually be more of a business decision for you than purely emotional. Can you see yourself there for the next five years? Is the house peaceful and quiet but may need a bit of work? Can you get to work in less than half an hour? There will always be things to fix in a property but you absolutely should not OVER-compromise by getting a fixer when you can't swing a hammer. You can't take on more than what you can do reasonably on the weekends and over six months. Compromise of some kind may be perfect for you. Blend Luxury recommends that out of your top 10 must-have items, you settle on five, and consider buying a house no matter the interest rate, because we’ve never not seen time heal all interest rate woes with high gains in equity. If you can be in strong "like" with your new house, versus the magic of being in love with it, you'll grow to love it. It's not always like you see on TV. Remember, can you live there for five years? If you can, consider buying it. That's actually my #1 suggestion to you. We wish you tremendous luck on your home search and we are ready to assist you today.

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